Ida Kelarová Romany’n’Roll

Ida Kelarová ⬩ Romany’n’Roll

The phenomenal singer, choirmaster, and teacher Ida Kelarová, the composer and guitarist Desiderius Dužda, the assistants and musicians Oto Bunda and Jan Dužda, and the members of the Čhavorenge Children’s Choir (Čhavorenge means “for children”) will introduce anyone who is interested to the mysteries of the human voice, Romani culture, and stirrin

Duration of the programme 2 hod


children’s choir

Ida Kelarová
singer, choirmaster, teacher

Desiderius Dužda
the composer, guitarist

Oto Bunda and Jan Dužda
assistants and musicians

Rudolfinum — Suk Hall

9/25/2018 Tuesday 9:00 AM
9/26/2018 Wednesday 9:00 AM
9/27/2018 Thursday 9:00 AM
11/6/2018 Tuesday 9:00 AM
11/7/2018 Wednesday 10:00 AM
11/8/2018 Thursday 9:00 AM
3/12/2019 Tuesday 9:00 AM
3/13/2019 Wednesday 9:00 AM
3/14/2019 Thursday 9:00 AM
4/23/2019 Tuesday 9:00 AM
4/24/2019 Wednesday 9:00 AM
4/25/2019 Thursday 9:00 AM
5/21/2019 Tuesday 9:00 AM
5/22/2019 Wednesday 9:00 AM
5/23/2019 Thursday 9:00 AM
6/11/2019 Tuesday 9:00 AM
6/12/2019 Wednesday 9:00 AM
6/13/2019 Thursday 9:00 AM

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