The Little Rudolfinum Fee, fi, fiddle, fum

The Little Rudolfinum ⬩ Fee, fi, fiddle, fum

How many strings are there on a violin? What do you use to play the violin? And how many animals can you count on a violin? Where is the bridge? And the neck? And the mute? And does it hurt your ears if someone is playing the violin right beside you? And where does a violin sleep? This is all very easy to learn, especially with the violinist Jitka

Duration of the programme 50 min


We will begin this workshop with a visit to a violin workshop, then we will go back to the hall, where the combination of a presentation and interactive discussion will give us some basic information and interesting facts about the violin.


With lecturer Veronika Lucassen and violinist Jitka Kokšová.

Rudolfinum — Suk Hall

3/20/2019 Wednesday 9:00 AM
3/20/2019 Wednesday 10:00 AM
3/20/2019 Wednesday 11:00 AM
4/4/2019 Thursday 9:00 AM
4/4/2019 Thursday 10:00 AM
4/4/2019 Thursday 11:00 AM
5/16/2019 Thursday 9:00 AM
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5/16/2019 Thursday 11:00 AM
5/17/2019 Friday 9:00 AM
5/17/2019 Friday 10:00 AM
5/17/2019 Friday 11:00 AM

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