Four Steps to the New World Dvořák’s New World Symphony

Four Steps to the New World ⬩ Dvořák’s New World Symphony

Concerts for students. Interesting facts and mysteries of the great works of famous composers. This time the topic is the symphony, a Greek word (συμφωνία) that means “sounding together”. Audio and video examples will be used, along with an accompanying brochure.

Duration of the programme 2 hod


Dvořák was terribly worried about whether moving to the United States of America, where he was the director of the National Conservatory in New York from 1892 to 1895, might cost him his inspiration – whether he would be able to write music at all or would lose the source of his musical ideas being so far from Bohemia. The New World Symphony – as the first work he composed in America – showed that he had no need to worry. But throughout the work, we find traces of this tension and struggle. We also find something characteristic of Dvořák in the piece, and one of the critics at the premiere of the symphony “From the New World” captured it beautifully: He has a dark complexion, dark hair, thin in front. His short, dark beard is beginning to turn grey. The large dark eyes are steady. His face is honest and friendly and its expression reveals an open and guileless nature – but sometimes his gaze seems to turn somewhere far away…”


Czech Student Philharmonic 
(players of the Czech Philharmonic, members of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestral Academy and music school students)

Marko Ivanović

Petr Kadlec

Rudolfinum — Dvorak Hall

5/7/2019 Tuesday 10:00 AM
5/9/2019 Thursday 10:00 AM
5/10/2019 Friday 10:00 AM

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