The Little Rudolfinum A little musical (and other) fun

The Little Rudolfinum ⬩ A little musical (and other) fun

What’s it like to play at the Rudolfinum? Not to play hide and seek, but to play in an orchestra, for example? Which way do the players in the Czech Philharmonic go to get on stage, and how loud can the applause for the conductor be? And what is the word for the magic wand the conductor holds? What animal does one find on the coat of arms in the ma

Duration of the programme 50 min


The goal of this playful workshop is to familiarize visitors with the areas of the Rudolfinum. There will be lots of walking, but it’s worth it! From the foyer on the ground floor, we will go up to the balcony, then back again through the Presidential Lounge; and finally, we will go on stage! At each stop, we will find a picture of a musical instrument, and we will say a few words about it. And at the end, we will set ourselves up on stage like an orchestra, and with the help of music, we’ll see what it sounds like when an orchestra is playing in the Dvořák Hall.


Veronika Lucassen

Rudolfinum — Dvorak Hall

9/26/2018 Wednesday 9:00 AM
9/26/2018 Wednesday 10:00 AM
9/26/2018 Wednesday 11:00 AM
9/27/2018 Thursday 9:00 AM
9/27/2018 Thursday 10:00 AM
9/27/2018 Thursday 11:00 AM
10/24/2018 Wednesday 9:00 AM
10/24/2018 Wednesday 10:00 AM
10/24/2018 Wednesday 11:00 AM
10/25/2018 Thursday 9:00 AM
10/25/2018 Thursday 10:00 AM
10/25/2018 Thursday 11:00 AM

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