Musica Ludus II - The human life Workshops for the elderly

Musica Ludus II - The human life ⬩ Workshops for the elderly

For the second time this season we invite seniors to non-traditional musical meetings. This time our theme will be "Human Life" and how it is reflected in music, singing and dancing. We will create a space for music and words to resonate together. The guides Rafaela Drgáčová, Ondřej Tichý and Hana Novotná are looking forward to seeing you.

Duration of the programme 2 hod 30 min
From 60 years


Rafaela Drgáčová, Hana Novotná, Ondřej Tichý instructors

Since the dawn of human civilisation, music has been the world where rituals meet with dancing and worship with listening. We can be with music on our own at home or in a crowd of a hundred thousand people, and it follows us from cradle to grave. Music can mean great symphonies or a simple child's tune; we find the triumphs and defeats of professional artists in it but also the joy of amateur ensembles playing together.

The Czech Philharmonic is adding workshops for the elderly to its programmes for children and young adults from various social backgrounds. They aim at the collective experience of working with simple musical instruments, listening and moving - anyone can take part regardless of age, abilities, and musical experience.

The workshops are primarily designed for those over age 60, but they also aim at inspiring the caretakers, volunteers, and social workers. Most important will be the joy of new social bonds, the experience of listening to music, and finding links between rhythm, tempo, movement, instrumental colours, and the silence between the notes.

Rudolfinum — EDUcentrum

3/2/2023 Thursday 2:00 PM

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