Concert of the Joint Orchestra of Music School Pupils and Musicians of the Czech Philharmonic

Concert of the Joint Orchestra of Music School Pupils and Musicians of the Czech Philharmonic

In this project, pupils from elementary schools of the arts all around the Czech Republic encounter their experienced colleagues from the Czech Philharmonic. After half a year of intense preparations, the project culminates with joint rehearsals for a gala concert where the orchestra plays under the baton of Petr Altrichter.

Duration of the programme 1 hod
From 12 years


Johann Strauss
Persian and Egyptian March

Jiří Pauer
Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra - 1st movement

Aram Khachaturian
Lullaby from the ballet Gayane
Adagio from the ballet Spartacus
A drop from the incidental music Masquerade


Joint Orchestra of Music School Pupils and Musicians of the Czech Philharmonic
Petr Altrichter conductor
Matěj Rothbauer solist

The joint orchestra was created through cooperation between the Czech Philharmonic and the Association of Elementary Schools of the Arts (AZUŠ ČR) back in 2014. It regularly consists of nearly 60 pupils from elementary schools of the arts and 30 Czech Philharmonic players. From January to June, they meet for preparatory rehearsals (including sectional rehearsals). Under the guidance of conductor Petr Altrichter, as well as his assistants - Ladislav Cigler and, from the 2023/24 season, Dominik Pernica, the young musicians familiarise themselves with the challenges of the individual parts, and they also experience the thrill of ensemble playing, gaining inspiration and experience from the Czech Philharmonic players, and learning to play as a group even in their free time outside of rehearsals. Teachers from elementary schools of the arts also bring the sharing of experiences and new stimuli to the project They provide needed support for all of the young musicians.

What did the participants think about their two-year experience in the 2019-2021 project, which was extended by the pandemic?

“I forgot about myself and was just breathing with the others… During the applause I had tears in my eyes, and I had to fight them back, and then that evening the tears came back again, because I was sorry that it was over, and that it would not be repeated. I wanted to experience that feeling again, to play endlessly, and never stop… Just to remain in that amazing state when somehow the whole universe came together for me.”

“Life is like a bench at a crossroads. You can sit quietly and watch people pass by… There is no risk to sitting on the bench, but it brings few experiences. But when someone decides to get up and set out on a path, they risk getting lost if they don’t trust their own feet, but plenty of surprises definitely await them… I think this orchestra is one of the loveliest journeys I have had the honour of taking. In particular, the supporting comments of the conductor and philharmonic players helped me several times emotionally with experiencing everything down to the tiniest details. That helped me get my bearings both in the music and in life. Being a part of something big is what gives people perspective and open’s their hearts to life.”

“What did I get from it? I realised that even the best players are just people—they are understanding and empathetic even though they are role models. I played something that I never believed I would be able to play. I understood that music isn’t just about the right notes, but also about feelings, technique, the tilt of the bow… about putting yourself into the piece. I was also very impressed by what the conductor said at a forum: ‘If people do not have inner peace, meaning they have not come to terms with themselves, they can hardly expect to find that in music.’”

Rudolfinum — Dvořák Hall

6/9/2024 Sunday 11:00 AM
6/9/2024 Sunday 5:00 PM

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