100 Minutes among the Notes

100 Minutes among the Notes

This is the fifth time that these non-traditional musical encounters led by Ondřej Tichý are taking place in the Rudolfinum. Come to take part in making the music heard with the Czech Philharmonic musicians and their musical friends.

Duration of the programme 1 hod 40 min
From 7 to 100 years


Ondřej Tichý and guests

The programme is based on a musical part but also on a spoken word that will be given in Czech language only. The programme will not be supplied with English subtitles.

Welcome to a 100-minute journey of discovery about what music teaches us in the silence between the notes.

"Music is both a lovely adornment of our lives and an important means of communication. It shows us how to find beauty in the midst of difficulties, peace, and balance in our daily decisions. It teaches us to give support to children and young people on their sometimes difficult way to adulthood or to getting an education. That is what we have learned from the last three years of working in schools during workshops and performances.

This is what Ondřej Tichý says, who is the heart and soul of these non-traditional musical encounters at the Rudolfinum. 

We are opening the fifth season to anyone who wants to let music speak to them and carry them away. Bringing different generations together is beautiful, powerful, and unique. Just like the harmonious world of music everyone creates together. Giving a helping hand (and a helping note) in the group effort are musicians of the Czech Philharmonic, the Czech Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, and their musical friends. Come take part in making music or in quiet listening, and experience the depth of the present moment.

Something of a culmination of previous gatherings is the concert Holiday among the Notes on 5 May 2024 at 3 p.m. in Dvořák Hall, but a complete "beginner" can participate as well. At the concert, we will discover together the musical "genius loci" of Dvořák Hall.

Rudolfinum — Suk Hall

12/2/2023 Saturday 10:30 AM
12/2/2023 Saturday 3:00 PM
1/27/2024 Saturday 10:30 AM
1/27/2024 Saturday 3:00 PM
3/23/2024 Saturday 10:30 AM
3/23/2024 Saturday 3:00 PM

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