100 Minutes among the Tones

100 Minutes among the Tones

This is the fourth time that these non-traditional musical encounters led by Ondřej Tichý are taking place in the Rudolfinum. Come to take part in making the music heard with the Czech Philharmonic musicians and their musical friends.

Duration of the programme 1 hod 40 min
From 7 to 100 years


Ondřej Tichý and guests

Welcome to a 100-minute journey of discovery about what music teaches us in the silence between the notes.

“We often teach children what something looks like, how to pronounce or spell something, or how a certain note is played. But then there is very little time left to make deeper contact with them, and not enough solidarity and courage to overcome obstacles. And that might not just be about children."

This is what Ondřej Tichý says, who is the heart and soul of these non-traditional musical encounters at the Rudolfinum.

They are taking place for a fourth year with the participation of any people who want music to speak to them. Age does not matter; to the contrary, every gathering of different generations is beautiful, powerful, and unique. Just like the harmonious world of music that they all create together. Musicians of the Czech Philharmonic and their musical friends from all around will give a helping hand – and above all a helping note – to the collective efforts. Come take part in making the music heard or just to listen quietly and experience deeply the present moment.

The concert on 22 April 2023 at 10:30 a.m. in the Dvořák Hall is, in a sense, the outcome of the previous three gatherings, but even a total “beginner” can participate. At that concert, together we will discover the musical “genius loci” of the Dvořák Hall.

Rudolfinum — Suk Hall

11/12/2022 Saturday 10:30 AM
11/12/2022 Saturday 3:30 PM
1/7/2023 Saturday 10:30 AM
1/7/2023 Saturday 3:30 PM
3/25/2023 Saturday 10:30 AM
3/25/2023 Saturday 3:30 PM

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