A Place That Matters to Us

Every element of Rudolfinum tells a story. Whether it is the sculptures on the balustrade, the ornaments in the interior decoration or the original welded steel structure in the attic. We make sure that they can tell a story. And their voice sounds as it once did.

Preserve and Develop

The Czech Philharmonic is a musical institution, but, since 1989, it has also been the administrator of the entire building. It tries to take the best possible care of its headquarters and even has a whole department dedicated to it: Rudolfinum Administration and Investments.

National Cultural Monument Care

Every modification and repair, even a minor one, must be carefully considered and sensitively carried out. In collaboration with the National Heritage Institute, restorers and other experts, we have succeeded in preserving the creative and artistic legacy of our ancestors and developing the building to meet contemporary needs.

For Art and Life in the 21st Century

Everyone should feel as comfortable as possible at Rudolfinum. Visitors, performers and staff. The building should support the performance and presentation of music and visual art as much as possible and enhance your experience of it.

In recent years, for example, the acoustics and comfort in the Suk Hall have been significantly improved. A television studio has been set up, which enables the Czech Philharmonic to broadcast and record concerts in 4K resolution. The facilities for the orchestra's staff and members are gradually being renovated. The modernization of the air-conditioning systems has significantly contributed to the energy savings of the entire building.

Everyday Care

Homeowners will confirm: the work on houses never stops. Now imagine a house with a built-up area of 5,212 m², with almost 100 rooms and daily operations at the limits of its capacity.

Kilometers of corridors and tens of kilometers of wiring and cables. Test rooms, cloakrooms, tuning rooms, offices, warehouses, machine rooms, attic. Just the sockets, bulbs, handles, locks and hinges. So many windows and shutters. Such areas to clean...

Almost every day, we welcome over 1000+ guests who come to see a concert, an exhibition, just sit in the café or experience one of our educational programs. There are also over 70 permanent staff members and over 120 orchestra members.

Therefore, regular and responsible maintenance is a very important part of the building's care. Even its long-term neglect and the constant overloading of the building's capacities led to the necessity of Rudolfinum general reconstruction at the end of the 20th century.

Support the Future of Rudolfinum

As a company as well as a private person. We welcome any idea and are happy to discuss specific support options with you. Please contact us at:

E-mail: katerina.ticha@ceskafilharmonie.cz
Telefon: +420 731 881 690