Who Resides at Rudolfinum

Everyone who loves art. Officially, this is a home of the Czech Philharmonic, Rudolfinum Gallery, Czech Chamber Music Society, and Café Rudolfinum.

Czech Philharmonic

It was nowhere else than at Rudolfinum where the Czech Philharmonic staged its very first concert. The date was 4th January 1896 and the performance was conducted by Antonín Dvořák himself. The Philharmonic soon became the most important Czech symphony orchestra and had already established a considerable reputation on European stages by the time of the First World War. For more than 126 years, its history has been influenced by numerous Czech and foreign personalities.

Today, the orchestra receives recognition for its canonical interpretations of the music of Czech composers: A. Dvořák, B. Smetana, J. Suk, L. Janáček, B. Martinů and others, but it is also known for its strong relationship to the works of J. Brahms, P. I. Tchaikovsky and G. Mahler.

However, the Czech Philharmonic is not just an orchestra. It is also an institution which, as an organization cofinanced from the state budget, carries out numerous activities and roles.

I believe that if there is a building with such a long history and where so many great musicians have performed, it is retained in the house. I think that even the philharmonic musicians feel, as they go on stage in the Dvořák Hall, that Dvořák conducted there and there was a whole plethora of the best musicians. It brings good energy.

David Mareček, Director of the Czech Philharmonic

Concert activity

The Czech Philharmonic prepares and organizes the program for each season. From subscription series to special concerts to tours. Czech Philharmonic concerts.

Czech Philharmonic concerts


The philharmonic prepares programs for schools, music school pupils, teachers, and the general public. Within the Orchestral Academy, it strives to successfully develop professional young musicians.


The philharmonic documents the history of the orchestra and the institution. Through a digital concert hall, it builds an audiovisual archive of its performances.


The philharmonic works on projects for renowned labels around the world, currently collaborating with the Dutch Pentatone label, and also produces its own broadcasts and recordings of its own concerts.

Rudolfinum Administration and Development

The Philharmonic takes care of Rudolfinum, a national cultural monument. It oversees the of day-to-day maintenance and carefully considers any development of the building, as well as the associated objects and technologies within it.


The Philharmonic rents out concert halls and recording studios to various music ensembles, as well as Rudolfinum's public spaces.

Galerie Rudolfinum

The Galerie Rudolfinum was founded on 1 January 1994. It is an independent economic unit within the Czech Philharmonic.

The gallery does not have its own collections and operates on the principle of Kunsthalle. Its focus is on large exhibition projects, mainly featuring contemporary art. In the dramaturgy of exhibitions, a variety of themes and art forms stands out. Visitors will encounter figurative and abstract painting, objects and installations, photography, film, and video art.

Projects are selected not only on their quality, but also their ability to be considered in an international context. Many exhibitions are results of cooperation with foreign institutions and artists themselves.

The gallery has 1,500 m² of available exhibition space. The halls make use of daylight entering through the glass ceilings as well as with various forms of controllable lighting. One of the gallery area is the Artpark education space, a library, a cinema, and a design shop.

My ambition has been to bring topics that are not only artistic, into our society. In fact, I view visual art more as a means of communication than a stand-alone object of reflection.

Petr Nedoma
Director Emeritus of the Galerie Rudolfinum


The gallery prepares 3-4 exhibitions a year with free admission, presenting the world and domestic art scene. It focuses on finding new and often unexpected connections.

Current exhibition

Events and Education

The gallery organizes guided tours, lectures and seminars, theater performances, and film screenings. The Artpark education space offers educational programs for schools and the public.

Publications and Library

The gallery prepares and publishes exhibition catalogues and other books on contemporary art. Construction of a freely accessible Rudolfinum Gallery Library is currently underway in Artpark.

Czech Chamber Music Society

The Czech Chamber Music Society is one of the oldest music institutions in the Czech Republic. It was founded to support concert activities of the young Bohemian Quartet in 1894.

Since its inception, the Society has organized more than 2,600 concerts in Prague. Today, you can see them in the Rudolfinum Dvořák and Suk Halls and in the Martinů Hall of the Liechtenstein Palace.

In 1994, the Society became part of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra whilst retaining its historical name and dramaturgical identity.

Every year we try to organize the most varied offer from which, as we firmly believe, you will choose your favorite ensemble or work. We may even bring you something new to broaden your horizons.

Radek Křižanovský, dramaturg of CCMS

Concert activity

The Czech Chamber Music Society provides 5 subscription series per year with a total of 28 chamber music concerts.

Czech Chamber Music Society concerts

Promotion of Chamber Music

The Society presents a classical domestic and world repertoire as well as contemporary chamber music.

Talent Support

The Society supports young instrumentalists, ensembles, and composers.

Café Rudolfinum

At Rudolfinum, the aural and visual arts are complemented by the gastronomic poetry of the Café Rudolfinum café and restaurant. It may not boast as rich a history as the other institutions in the building, but they share a common goal: to give the visitor an extraordinary experience.

Whether you order coffee, a glass of wine or something from the menu, you will hear, even here, a symphony–of flavors and aromas–and observe a presentation of objects that are literally mouthwatering.

Opening hours:
10 a.m–6 p.m. (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday–Sunday)
10 a.m–8 p.m. (Thursday)
Closed on Monday