Jiří Příhoda VOID

Jiří Příhoda VOID

Jiří Příhoda’s artistic practice may best be characterised as an exploration of space, volume, matter and emptiness. Put into practice, his morphologically immensely inventive and innovative studies of imaginary objects become highly inspiring sites that interconnect architectural designs with fine art sculpture.

Mostly featuring entirely new installations, the exhibition also includes reminders of Příhoda’s key works from decades past. Galerie Rudolfinum’s VOID is certainly the most extensive showcase of his practice to date with a deeply developed configuration of internal connections between the constituent installations – both on the level of the interpenetration of their forms, and their conceptual sequence. Příhoda’s oeuvre stands out with its absolutely unwavering level of excellence that by far exceeds the current standard of presentations of its type, making it one of a kind on the Czech art scene.

Curator: Petr Nedoma

Free entry

More information about the event can be found on the Galerie Rudolfinum website.

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