The Little Rudolfinum String Sweets

The Little Rudolfinum ⬩ String Sweets

We’ll introduce you to the family of string instruments. Dad and mom—the bass and cello, and the children—violin and viola. And just like any other family, they play together. Just come to see and hear the sound of the strings played by the musicians of the Rudolphin Ensemble.

Duration of the programme 50 min
For preschools and schools


Olga Kozánková instructor

Rudolphin Ensemble Prague, members:
Marcel Kozánek
Libor Vilímec
Pavel Hořejší
Tomáš Hostička
Jiří Vopálka

The programme is based on a musical part but also on a spoken word that will be given in Czech language only. The programme will not be supplied with English subtitles.

Rudolfinum — Suk Hall

10/6/2023 Friday 9:00 AM
10/6/2023 Friday 10:00 AM
10/6/2023 Friday 11:00 AM
11/9/2023 Thursday 9:00 AM
11/9/2023 Thursday 10:00 AM
11/9/2023 Thursday 11:00 AM
11/23/2023 Thursday 9:00 AM
11/23/2023 Thursday 10:00 AM
11/23/2023 Thursday 11:00 AM
12/1/2023 Friday 9:00 AM
12/1/2023 Friday 10:00 AM
12/1/2023 Friday 11:00 AM

How to buy tickets

Buy online

For online shopping you will be redirected to the website of the Czech Philharmonic.

Personally at the Rudolfinum cash desk

Vacancies and other information about the concert will be provided by the Czech Philharmonic's Customer Service.

Group bookings for schools and preschools at  from 1st June.