The Four Elements Water

The Four Elements ⬩ Water

What happens when you run out of drinking water and your tribe is suffering from thirst? Join us to fight the villain who cut off the way to the last spring in the middle of the desert and win water back for your people. Play home-made instruments, try to tune them with water and discover which composers were the biggest water enthusiasts.

Duration of the programme 2 hod
For preschools and schools


Jakub Kacar, Jan Bradáč, Kristýna Müllerová, Šárka Vejvodová instructors

The programme is based on a musical part but also on a spoken word that will be given in Czech language only. The programme will not be supplied with English subtitles.

Rudolfinum — Various spaces

1/15/2024 Monday 9:30 AM

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1/22/2024 Monday 9:30 AM

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1/29/2024 Monday 9:30 AM

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