Participating Artists: Marion Baruch, Larry Bell, Michał Budny, Angela Bulloch, Simon Callery, Ann Veronica Janssens, Anthony McCall, Jaromír Novotný, Robert Šalanda

The international group exhibition CO-EXTENSIVE at the Galerie Rudolfinum is based primarily on two moments.

The first is the observation that images (in the broad sense of the word, from the thousands of pictures that everyone has on their phone to social media to artworks) are a permanent part of the everyday experience of the world.

The second moment consists of a question of how and what remains alive in contemporary art from the legacy of the style of art which can be referred to as minimalism. An image becomes space in the exhibition and space becomes, in some cases, an image.

Visitors can venture into the endless depths of the surface in the works of Ann Veronica Janssens and Michał Budny, or look through the surface of space in Larry Bell’s object and Jaromír Novotný’s paintings. In the works of Marion Baruch and Simon Callery, the viewer encounters the inseparability of the real space and the space of the image. Robert Šalanda develops the motifs of real and pictorial layering with his slightly absurd compositions, while the installations of Anthony McCall and Angela Bulloch make it possible to enter the image with sharp and subtle boundary crossings.

Curator: Filip Šenk

More information about the exhibition and accompanying programmes can be found on the Galerie Rudolfinum website here.

Free entry

More information about the event can be found on the Galerie Rudolfinum website.

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