What to Wear: Clothing for Classical Music Concert

No one will throw you out of Rudolfinum for inappropriate clothing. We welcome anyone with open ears and an open heart. However, the Dvořák Hall concerts are festive occasions and your personal contribution to the event in terms of what you choose to wear would be much appreciated!

No Need to Overdo Formalities

Don't be fooled by TV broadcasts of the Czech Philharmonic's new season opening, or the Vienna Philharmonic New Year's concert. Indeed, you don’t see ladies in big evening dresses and gentlemen adorned with tailcoats or tuxedos at every classical music concert.

At most Rudolfinum concerts, you will come across different styles of clothing and you’ll even sometimes meet guests in shirt and jeans. In terms of dress code etiquette, you will observe anything from Casual to Black Tie.

So you don't have to overdo the formality. Choose your attire according to when the event takes place (afternoon, or evening concert?) and how important it is (opening or gala concert in addition to the "regular" subscription concert).

Some organizers include a dress code on the ticket or invitation. We recommend that you follow it. If the dress code is not stated, dress elegantly and comfortably.

Evening Concerts

If you want to be dressed just right, you can never go wrong with choosing a dress code referred to as Dark Suit or Business Formal. What does it mean?

Ladies can opt for a reasonably short dress, a formal suit or a skirt combined with an elegant top.

The dress does not necessarily have to be black, but garish colors and wild motifs might be avoided. If the dress does not have sleeves, you can add a scarf, bolero or cardigan.

Choose closed-toe opera slippers with a lower heel. Complete the outfit with a handbag in the shape of a handkerchief.

A well-groomed hairstyle, appropriate make-up and elegant accessories will enhance your glamor and charm for the evening!

For practical reasons, it is better to be subtle in your choice of jewelry and fragrance. The tinkling of necklaces or bracelets can disturb the musicians and the surrounding audience. Ovewhelming perfume or cologne will encourage sensitive noses to sneeze.

Jeans and T-Shirts at Rudolfinum

These are seen at Rudolfinum in the evening as well. But it doesn't have to be just because their wearers don't know how to dress appropriately. These are often tourists who have had the opportunity to attend one of the concerts. Usually, there are no evening dresses or suits in a traveling suitcase and musicians love every enthusiastic and receptive listener. If possible, however, we would appreciate at least a shirt...

Afternoon and Education Concerts

With earlier day times or more relaxed events, the formality of the outfit eases. Your attire can range from a much broader range to something of the Smart Casual or even Business Casual styles.

Just like in the evening, ladies can opt for cocktail dresses, but formal trousers and a more formal top, such as a blouse or blouse, are also perfectly fine. Indeed, you can combine the top with a skirt as well.

Special Concerts

This includes, for example, the opening and New Year's gala concerts of the Czech Philharmonic, opening festival concerts, and other events that have an extraordinary atmosphere. These concerts often have a recommended dress code–usually Black Tie. Even at these events, however, you will be able to wear a festive Dark Suit.

For ladies, an evening gown is expected. Long formal dresses in muted colors, complete with stockings. We wear both full and strappy shoes.